Oregon’s Presidential Primary

Oregon Secretary of State Jeanne P. Atkins has released a preliminary list of candidates to appear on the 2016 Democratic and Republican Presidential Primary ballots for Oregon’s May Primary election.

Oregon law gives the Secretary full discretion to place names on the ballot. Candidates who are not placed on the ballot by the Secretary have the opportunity to petition for inclusion by gathering signatures of 1,000 party members in each of five Oregon Congressional districts

“The upcoming election cycle is shaping up to be dynamic and exciting for Oregon voters,” Atkins said. “As with any election, I encourage Oregonians to educate themselves on their choices and engage in the democratic process. Every Oregon voice should be heard at the ballot box.”

Atkins said there are an unusually large number of candidates actively campaigning this Presidential election year, as compared to previous election cycles.

“It was my judgment that all candidates who continue to receive support from a minimum of 1 percent of party voters, as reflected in national tracking polls, should have the opportunity to be placed before Oregonians,” she said.

The preliminary lists are as follows, in alphabetical order:

Democratic Candidates

  • Hillary Clinton
  • Martin O’Malley
  • Bernie Sanders

Republican Candidates

  • Jeb Bush
  • Ben Carson
  • Chris Christie
  • Ted Cruz
  • Carly Fiorina
  • Mike Huckabee
  • John Kasich
  • Rand Paul
  • Marco Rubio
  • Rick Santorum
  • Donald Trump

Atkins will issue a final list of candidates once Oregon’s March 8, candidate filing deadline has passed.

State elections staff will communicate relevant filing requirements and deadlines to those candidates named above. Names will be removed from the list if a candidate suspends their campaign or otherwise publicly announces that they are no longer running for President in the 2016 election. If additional candidates submit appropriate petition documents, they will also be placed on the ballot.

Oregonians who wish to vote for a candidate in the Democratic or Republican Primary, to be held May, 17, must be registered with said party. Voters are able to register to vote or change their party affiliation up to three weeks before an election.

More information about voting and a link to register to vote online can be found at,