I resign in protest

My vision for the Port was to team build toward the bigger picture; improve the health of the Nehalem River and assist 501(c)3 organizations through charity and volunteerism to effect economic development and intellectual stewardship for the taxpayers in the Port district.

By Jim Peters

Port of Nehalem Commission President

My emphasis has always been on compliance and developing relationships with agencies for future ecological river projects.  Currently, I and others are working with the Army Corps, Dept. of State Lands, US Geological Service and Oregon Fish and Wildlife to study sedimentation and aggradation. An ongoing investigation into flurial geomorphology of the Bay is also taking place.  Boating between Wheeler and the State Park will become more challenging if nothing is done.


Unfortunately, the majority of the Port Commissioners did not feel they had to comply with ADA Federal requirements for the new administration office which is open to public access. Ignorance will not be a defense when the Port is found in violation and fined.  I believe you/they got bogged down in local minutiae and lost sight of the big picture and business of the Port. The cities of Wheeler, Nehalem, Manzanita, the fire and police departments, the sanitary district and probably all other Ports in Oregon are taxpayer funded government agencies like the Port is and they all have wheelchair ramps with railings. As the Compliance Officer and Port Chairman, my principles and duty force me to protest.  I resign in protest from my positions—Compliance, Chairman and Port Commissioner accordingly.