E-waste events a success for schools

The Tillamook County Solid Waste Department sponsored e-waste collection events with all three Tillamook County high schools on January 9, 2015. Residents throughout Tillamook County were encouraged to drop off their used electronic devices, such as computers, monitors and TVs, phones, printers, scanners, keyboards and mice. The event was run by school advocates, the operators of Tillamook County’s three transfer stations, and county staff.


As a result of these collection events, a total of 16,794 lbs. of e-waste was collected, translating into a total of $1,007.64 in contributions to the senior SAFE committees or athletic teams.


Tillamook County Solid Waste Program Manager David McCall said: “We were very happy to be able to offer this service to our community, as well as support students at all three high schools. The timing for these events was good, and the weather cooperated as well. The success of this event in South County was especially great, and confirmed our decision to include the Pacific City Transfer Station in the Oregon E-Cycle program starting this year. Now residents can drop off their e-waste for no charge at all three Tillamook County transfer stations during their normal hours of operation.”


Thank you to our transfer station operators for running these events:

  • Manzanita Transfer Station (operated by CARTM)
  • Tillamook Transfer Station (operated by Don G. Averill Recycling)
  • Pacific City Transfer Station (operated by Tillamook County)


School-by-school details of pounds collect and contributions to the SAFE committees or teams follow:


School pounds Total $
NKN HS track team 3,273 $196.38
THS SAFE committee 2,658 $159.48
NVHS SAFE committee 10,863 $651.78