New Year brings need for new licenses, tags

Oregon hunters and anglers will need 2016 licenses and tags to hunt and fish, starting Jan. 1, according to the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife.
According to an ODFW spokesman, crabbing and clamming has been good on the Oregon coast lately, with crabbers from Newport to Brookings bringing in some big catches.
In addition, the harvesting of razor clams is open on Clatsop County beaches north of Tillamook Head. For bay clammers who don’t mind the dark, there will be minus tides Jan. 8-13 in the evenings.
The Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife is also reminding sport and commercial anglers that harvest restrictions begin Jan. 1 at the Cape Falcon Marine Reserve site.
Marine reserves are areas in Oregon’s coastal waters dedicated to conservation and scientific research. The Cape Falcon Marine Reserve is Oregon’s northern most site, located just offshore of the popular Oswald West State Park. The site includes a 12.4 square mile marine reserve, where all removal of marine life and ocean development is prohibited. The site also includes two Marine Protected Areas (MPAs) that prohibit ocean development, but allow some limited fishing activities.
The Department manages and scientifically monitors five marine reserve sites off the Oregon coast, all within three nautical miles from shore. The Cape Falcon, Cascade Head, Otter Rock, Cape Perpetua, and Redfish Rocks sites are each named after local natural landmarks. These sites have been established to conserve marine habitats and biodiversity. They also serve as living laboratories to learn about ocean protections and about Oregon’s ocean environment, helping inform Oregonians on how to best maintain the state’s ocean waters for future generations.
Harvest rules, maps and boundary coordinates for the marine reserve sites can be found on the state’s Oregon Marine Reserves website at Information is also available in the 2016 Oregon Sport Fishing Regulations and 2016 Commercial Fisheries Synopsis.
For questions or more information, please call ODFW’s Newport Office at (541) 867-4741.
Black bear seasons, turkey and pheasant hunting close on Dec. 31, while game bird validations will be good through the end of June.