OUTREACH: Revenue Department sending out letters

Thousands of Oregon taxpayers will see new letters and notices from the Department of Revenue in the coming weeks.

Oregon Revenue Department

The deployment of new tax administration software for the personal income tax and other tax programs on Dec. 1 is facilitating the increased outreach.

“More frequent communication, and clearer communication, is going to really help Oregon taxpayers to understand and meet their tax obligations,” Oregon Revenue Department Director Jim Bucholz said. “We know that some taxpayers may be concerned to see a little more mail from us, but this is another way we’re working to provide the best possible service to our customers.”

Revenue reports it will be sending out more than 100,000 collection-related notices, more than 7,000 property tax deferral program letters, and thousands of other pieces of correspondence. For example, in the next few months, every taxpayer with an account balance for the majority of tax programs will receive a statement of account showing the amount they owe.

“The statement of account helps ensure taxpayers are aware of their debts and have current information about their tax accounts,” Bucholz said. “If they’re already working with us to resolve their debt, they don’t need to take any additional action after receiving this letter.”

Additionally, the agency has worked to clarify the language in many of its letters

“We want to be clear about what we need from a taxpayer and what they can expect from us,” Bucholz said.

Revenue is halfway through its Core Systems Replacement project, a four-year, multi-million dollar IT upgrade. The first two phases were successfully completed on-time and within budget. The most recent phase of the software implementation covers the personal income tax, transit self-employment taxes, estate and fiduciary taxes, emergency communications tax, and property tax deferral programs.

Among the improvements: making copies of taxpayer letters available through a secure web portal and expanding online service options like setting up payment plans, filing certain returns, and submitting documents electronically.