Flooding turns deadly

The Chief in Clatskanie, reports Clatskanie Rural Fire Protection District Chief Steve Sharek has confirmed the death of an adult female who drown Dec. 9 near Lost Creek Road and Highway 30.

The female and a male were in a vehicle that became submerged in high water an estimated 200 feet from the shore line.

Sharek said the male was able to extricate himself from the vehicle and began to call for help. He managed to flag down a Clatskanie PUD crew, performing what Sharek described as a heroic rescue.

Tillamook County officials have declared a state of emergency following extensive flooding in the county.

Flood waters have closed roadways, Including portions of Highway 101 in Tillamook and Rockaway Beach and forced many from their homes.

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Amanda Renner, at The St. Helens Chronicle, reports flooding has lead to a state of emergency in that county as well.

Columbia County and four municipalities have declared a state of emergency after abnormally high amounts of rainfall in a matter of days continue to cause damage throughout the area.

With landslides impacting several areas of the county’s roads and highways, and flooding on roadways and near homes, the cities of St. Helens, Vernonia, Rainier and Clatskanie have declared emergency.

The weather also closed all state agencies in Columbia, Clatsop and Tillamook counties.