Tillamook County update

As final actions for 2015, the Board of County Commissioners made several position appointments, looked to sign a contract with AFSCME, and continued to evaluate the recent flood damage.

By Chelsea Yarnell



Tillamook County Fair Board

Terry Philips was selected to become the newest Fair Board member.

“The Fair Board is a seven member Board,” Commissioner Bill Baertlein said. “There has been discussion to bring it down to five.” However, Baertlein added, that decision has not been made yet.

“Because of the Fair Board convention coming up, we do know one person is going to be replaced,” Baertlein said.

Both Rita Hogan, president, and Kelley Downing, Board member, will be retiring from their positions this year.

“I would like to publicly thank them for their service,” Commissioner Labhart said.


Tillamook County Chairperson

Commissioner Labhart took over as the Chariperson for 2016 with Commissioner Baertlein as Vice Chairperson.



The Board voted to sign the AFSCME Union Contract when it is finalized.


Flood Repairs

The Commissioners voted to form a professional services agreement with OBEC Consulting Engineers for Emergency Response Services due to the December storm.

So far, three emergency bridges have been built in the County because of road failures during the flooding and storm.

“As a result, we need some help with engineering the recovery of those bridges,” Chief of Staff Pail Levesque said.

Commissioner Labhart added that the Tillamook County Road Department has reported $8 million of damage to County roads alone from the December storm.