YOW Challenge promotes employee wellness

Year of Wellness logoBy Laura Swanson

The Year of Wellness (YOW) will encompass a broad array of events, activities, presentations and much more to provide information and education about nutrition, physical activity and tobacco cessation.  The YOW aligns with employer Wellness Programs to achieve collective improvements of basic health metrics through a “Team Challenge.”  One of the key elements will be the quick, easy tracking of six areas of focus known to provide health benefits.  “The challenge is simple to follow and track – just a brief weekly check-in by each participant to log their progress in eating healthier, moving more, tracking sleep, water consumption and tobacco use,” explained Michelle Jenck, Year of Wellness coordinator.  “The benefits of participating will far out weigh the commitment!” she concluded.  “We are recruiting all employers and organizations to make the commitment to participate and support our on-line team challenge,” she added.  Collective impact works best when everyone is “all in.”  See the online “Pledge Certificate” and joinYOW today.
Did you know that as many as 50 percent of all deaths are preventable? By improving three basic lifestyle choices — nutrition, movement, and tobacco use – we can prevent four major chronic diseases (cancer, cardiovascular disease, respiratory disease and diabetes) that lead to 50 percent of all deaths.
The Year of Wellness is designed to help all Tillamook County residents make healthy lifestyle changes.  Are You In?  Watch for updates on the YOW website at .  Businesses are encouraged to supplement their wellness programs by participating in the Year of Wellness.   The YOW Task Force would like to see Pledge Certificates from all local employers.
Here is the letter from Commissioner Baertlein about YOW participation.
Dear Tillamook County Leader:
I am contacting you on behalf of the 2016 Tillamook County Year of Wellness Campaign. The 2016 Year of Wellness has designed to help create a healthier, happier Tillamook County by combining all facets of our community, including businesses, nonprofits, schools, governmental organizations and religious institutions, in a common goal to improve public health. This comprehensive approach allows preventative health to spread beyond the clinical setting and into the everyday lives of our community members.    A healthier Tillamook County will lead to more productive and positive lives for everyone.
To accomplish this goal, we are calling on organizations like yours to step up and say, “I’m in.” Your participation in the 2016 Year of Wellness Challenge says that you and your staff are committed to a healthier future through physical activity, better nutrition, increased sleep quality and decreased use of tobacco. By registering your team, your organization can compete against other teams in Tillamook County to improve the overall health of the County.
Are you in? If you are ready to join this fun and spirited competition, please complete a Participation form and return it to!
After completing your Participation form, please feel free to add your name and print the certificate and post in a visible place in your organization or business to demonstrate your commitment.
In good health, Bill Baertlein
Tillamook County Commissioner

Contact for a digital YOW Pledge Certificate, and show that collectively, Tillamook County is motivated to get healthy.   “Are You In?”  Like the “Tillamook County Year of Wellness 2016” on Facebook, and follow on Twitter @YOW2016.  For more information about participating, listing events/activities and more, contact Michelle Jenck at 503-812-8354 or email