Tillamook County schools sweep Oktoberfest speech and debate tournament

The Tillamook High School speech and debate team placed first overall at the annual Oktoberfest speech and debate tournament this past Saturday at Tillamook High School.


The team earned a total of 119 sweepstakes points (individual wins in different events earn the team overall sweepstakes points).

Neah-Kah-Nie placed second with 78 points, and Nestucca placed third with 76 points.

It was a slightly smaller tournament than usual this year because of a few different Halloween-related schedule conflicts with other schools, so many kids were able to compete in events that had just 5-15 competitors.

Many freshmen and sophomores managed to place in their events, and this was a big confidence booster for our younger team members.

“Sam Adams, a junior and one of our team captains, had an exceptional day,” Tillamook Speech and Debate Coach Andrew Morgan said. “Sam is easily one of the most gifted communicators on our team, and watching him continue to excel in two of the hardest events in speech and debate—Impromptu and Parliamentary Debate—has been so exciting.”

Adams finished firs tin Impromptu and also won first place in Parliamentary Debate with his debate partner Dazy Dial, and he managed to win first place in individual speaker points in Parliamentary Debate.

“Freshmen Ashlie Bright and Abby McGuire had fantastic performances on Saturday,” Morgan said. “Ashlie competed in Novice Poetry with three pieces about female identity. Her performance was so strong that she placed fourth overall in the Open Poetry division, which is essentially the Varsity level of that event. Abby McGuire has made a lot of progress on her Prose piece over the last few weeks and managed to secure a first place win her event.”

Tillamook placers:

Sam Adams: first in Impromptu and first in Parliamentary Debate with partner Dazy Dial and first in Parliamentary Debate individual speaker points.

Daisy Mendez: first in Dramatic Interpretation

Max Norris: first in Radio

Max Wiegardt: second in Radio and third in Parliamentary Debate with partner Ryland Pampush and third in overall Parliamentary Debate individual speaker points

Cassie Diaz: third in Poetry

Ashlie Bright: fourth in Poetry

Kaitlen Lorenz: fourth in Novice Radio. SO proud of her! She never competed before and decided to try it after writing a Radio speech in our Public Speaking class.

Noah Jenck: first place in Oratory

Noel Dobney Burns: second place in Oratory. SO proud of her! She never competed before and decided to try it after writing an Oratory speech in our Public Speaking class.

Ryland Pampush: first place in Extemporaneous Speaking

Zak Zwald: second place in Extemporaneous Speaking and first place in Duo with partner Anna Mattson

Stepanie Verdin: second place in Expository speaking

Rhys Sundling: third place in After Dinner Speaking

Abby McGuire: first place in Novice Prose

Hallie Obrist: Didn’t place in Radio, but did compete for the first time at a tournament