Not all the action is downtown!

Walt Trandum

The Old Geezer, Walt Trandum

Being pretty much stay at home folks now days, we probably receive more attention than is necessary. We get a lot of phone calls from people who want to help us to spend some money for one cause or another. Once in awhile, we get someone who tells us we could make some really big bucks if we would just give them a little information about our financial situation. The other day, I was talking with a really friendly fellow who was working to help a particular cause.  He said that he was sure that I would be making my usual $20.00 contribution, and we could just do it right there on the phone. All he wanted was my credit card information and the deed would be done. I told him that I had lousy credit and he better mail me his plea.
The daily mail is the source of hundreds of opportunities to be helpful for just about every cause you could imagine. They often send calendars and address stickers that are nice to look at, but since we only use one for the year most go in the trash.
Something that we seldom see out here in the sticks are door to door sales people. Who could forget the “Fuller Brush Man” or the young person working their way through college selling encyclopedias?  I suppose there is still a use for them, but the internet can provide just about any information you might need. Many years ago I knew a fellow who made a living selling those books and he had it down to a science. He knew from experience that he could sell one set for every twenty demonstrations that he made. When he needed money, he would just start knocking on doors.
One day, I was working in my driveway when a van pulled in and the fellow told me that I was really lucky because he has been distributing some big beef steaks to customers in the area and he had one order left over that he would sell at half price. When I asked him if he had a city permit for this kind of thing he suddenly remembered he had another appointment some place else.
A large part of most days is spent watching television. Some of what happens is kind of irritating when we see the same shows two days in a row. I even called the station one day and asked just who was running the place. The young lady answering the phone said she didn’t have a clue but she would tell the engineers that there might be a problem. I finally did hear from a fellow at the station who checked out my complaint and then told me that by golly they did repeat those episodes. Said they were sorry but that was about all they can do about it. I sent him another message and told him that old people are easily confused and watching something for the second time in two days rattles our brains.
Most days the morning news comes on before many people are even awake but early risers get a look at what is happening all over the world. The problem is that much of what is presented is a rehash of yesterday’s news, and the late breaking things are intermingled with the old stuff. That is okay except they will play that first broadcast over and over all morning. The evening news kind of runs all of the happenings and the old news together and gives them a jump start on the next morning session. I am sure in the old days, when there was only radio were easier to handle for the broadcasters but the gathering was surely cumbersome.
A great deal of our entertainment for the next year will be watching and hearing from those candidates for the top job in the nation. Like most people, I am a long way from making up my mind. Party lines are important but I am sure that most people make their judgment based on their understanding of the issues and who they think will be able to do something about the problems and planning for the future. As a very old person, I have to filter what I am seeing and reading and try to apply it to the problems I know are out there. Some of the things we are facing are new and the result of the advances in technology and communications. Other things like education and health are always going to be a challenge and we can only wish all you young people find the answers.
Looking back many years, I can see where we have greatly improved our ability to prolong life and improve living conditions. Advances in every branch of technology should ease the burden for everyone as they find ways to assure everyone a good way to live. I have to admit that my own life is a miracle when I tell you that I have survived fourteen heart related procedures including surgery. Now living with a combination pace maker and defibrillator, I am surely the recipient of some miracles that have been provided by a higher power and the skills of dedicated medical people. I can only wonder how things will be in the future and be thankful for those who are serving us now.