Lower Nehalem Watershed Council seeks applications for Board of Directors Membership

Might you, a colleague, or a friend be interested in helping to guide the watershed council in 2016? Are you enthusiastic about native fish? Love to better the environment and your community? Would you like to learn more about conserving and enhancing the Nehalem watershed? Then this might be the opportunity you are looking for! Lower Nehalem Watershed Council is seeking applications for Board of Directors membership.

Watershed Councils are locally organized, voluntary, non-regulatory groups established to improve the condition of watersheds in their local area. Watershed Councils are made up of people from the local communities. They represent local knowledge and have ties to the existing community in all its complexity. Watershed Councils work across jurisdictional boundaries and across agency mandates to look at the watershed more holistically. The council can be a forum to bring local, state and federal land management agencies and plans together with local property owners and private land managers. Through the Councils, partnerships between residents, local, state and federal agency staff and other groups can be developed.

Local watershed councils are highly effective in the development and implementation of projects to maintain and restore the biological and physical process in the watersheds for the sustainability of their communities. Councils bring varied interests together in a non-regulatory setting to form a common vision for the ecological and economic sustainability and livability of their watershed. Councils often identify landowner participants for important projects, develop priorities for local projects and establish goals and standards for future conditions in the watershed.

LNWC is a citizens’ group and tax-exempt nonprofit corporation. The duties of a Board Member include providing leadership and direction to the Council, guiding the work of the Council, reviewing project and grant proposals, and regular attendance at monthly meetings. LNWC’s Board is made up of five-seven Members, including the Chair, Vice Chair, Secretary and Treasurer. The Board of Directors meets monthly, typically the first or last Wednesday of the month, at Nehalem City Hall (35900 8th Street, Nehalem) from 3 to 5 p.m. Please join in for the next meeting on Wednesday, Dec. 2. We will be discussing Board elections, current and future projects, and other Council Business. This is a great opportunity to get more involved in the Council and learn about our exciting projects. We encourage our partners and the public to join us!

The Council welcomes participation from a diverse citizenry, including active or retired farmers, foresters, woodland owners, rural and urban residents, business owners, and government, university or NGO staff and scientists. LNWC is committed to watershed improvement action (e.g. water quality, habitat for fish and wildlife) through community discussion, broadly-inclusive decision making, and voluntary action.

LNWC brings grant dollars to the area and leverage donations to achieve both programs and projects. New members will be elected at the Jan. 14, 2016 Annual Meeting & Speaker Series event at 6:30 p.m. at the Pine Grove Community House in Manzanita (225 Laneda Ave).

Please send a letter of nomination to the Coordinator at [email protected] or to the Council mailing address (PO Box 249, Nehalem, OR 97131). The letter should include at minimum your name, contact information, and a statement of interest. Please apply by Dec. 15. For additional information please contact the Council Coordinator, Alix Lee, at 503-368-7424 or [email protected].