Successful CARTM campaign launches new local service

When projects are ripe they burst forth, so says CARTM Chair Linda Kozlowski.

CARTMbox truck with logo

“When our board listed its top ten special project priorities for 2015 at our retreat last January, purchasing a box truck for CARTM was at the top of the list,” said Kozlowski.

“Next thing we knew, a ‘for sale’ sign was on local contractor Joe Zak’s box truck and CARTM decided to buy it. We call it “CARTM-A”, our own special karma!”

Of course, non-profits all dream of special projects and typically they all require fundraising—this was no exception.  With a unanimous vote of the board, CARTM moved forward, named its goal and its timeframe and set about raising funds to purchase the truck, which was available locally at a very reasonable price.  “We could not believe our luck.  Of course, it is never luck, it’s timing, right?”

CARTM’s timing was very good and the campaign was swiftly funded by 24 local donors, one foundation and the entire CARTM board of directors.

The purpose of the truck, explained Karen Reddick-Yurka, CARTM’s director, is to offer the community pick up and delivery service.  “ I can’t tell you how many times customers have ask if we could deliver items purchased in The Refindery.  We are happy now to be able to say, ‘let us CART your stuff so you don’t have to.’ “

“With our new box truck service we can also pick up a single item or the entire contents of a home or business, and even remnants from garage sale,” continued Reddick-Yurka.  “We’ve had some successful trial runs with people who have sold homes in the area. They were happy to have CARTM pick up donated furnishings for reuse.  It is truly a win, win for all concerned and we couldn’t be happier to be able to offer this service to our community.”

The truck, currently undergoing a makeover with new CARTM signage, is now available to the community for basic pick up and delivery every Wednesday, at very reasonable rates.  The rates include the truck plus one staff person within a 10 mile radius.  Special pick up and delivery may be scheduled on other days, and larger loads requiring more staff are available for an additional cost.

“When our customer wants to donate large or multiple items, staff will go to their location (at no charge) to assess the items and schedule a convenient pick-up date,” Karen continued.  “We always accept clean, reusable donations of household items, books, tools, furniture, electronics, appliances, hardware, building materials and probably items we haven’t even thought of.”

CARTM cannot pick up recycling or waste (trash), or hazardous waste.  “As we have all been doing for the last 17 years, we encourage trips to CARTM to recycle and dispose of refuse and hazardous waste disposal events are held throughout the year at the Tillamook Transfer station,”  she concluded.

“We have our generous community to thank for making our new (to us) box truck possible,” said Kozlowski.  “This is just another reminder of why we all love to live here.  Not only do we have CARTM, but we have people who want to help us make things happen for the benefit of all.”

For more information on the box truck service, call 503-368-7764 or email [email protected].

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