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Nehalem Valley Historical Society to unveil long-lost table from Manzanita’s first Mayor’s office made from shipwreck wood

Sunday, October 18th at 3 p.m. the long missing teak table made from wood from the beeswax ship will be on display at the Nehalem Valley Historical Society. The little table that Ben Lane (Manzanita’s first mayor) had in his office was finally found in the inventory of the Columbia Maritime Museum in Astoria.  “The Historical Society asked the Maritime Museum to look for the table among the thousands of items they have in storage,” said NVHS president Tom Mock.  “It has been missing for several decades, and took some time to locate, because we weren’t quite sure of its size.”  Jeff Smith, the Maritime Museum’s curator, will be there to answer any questions concerning the table or the Columbia Maritime Museum in general. At the same time another artifact from the beeswax ship has also been obtained and will be on display — an over 60 pound hunk of beeswax. This piece is the largest piece found in recent history.

The Nehalem Valley Historical Society will have a brief 15 minute business meet at 3 p.m. followed by an interesting presentation by Chris Dewey, the president and founder of the Maritime Archaeological Society. Chris will explain the mission statement of the organization and their goals of exploring in the ocean off the Oregon coast, locating and identifying  ship wrecks and ancient occupational sites as early man migrated down our coast line as the oceans levels were lower than they are today. Very little has ever been done to locate and identify the history that lies right off our coastline. The Historical Society is in Manzanita on Laneda Avenue (named after Ben Lane) beneath the Pine Grove Community House. Please arrive by 3 p.m. on Sunday October 18th or a little earlier since seating is limited.

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