Mobile Health Screening Program

The Rockaway Lions Club, with the help of the Oregon Lions Sight and Hearing Foundation, screened 1,145 children at Liberty, South Prairie and East schools in Tillamook on Oct. 9. It took less than four hours to screen these children.

On Oct. 16 they will be at Garibaldi and Nehalem Schools. They had six Lions screening at a time and it took less than two minutes a child.

During the program year 2014-15, the Mobile Health Screening Program screened over 150,000 children. OLSHF has accomplished this by successfully scheduling and coordinating each event with school nurses, district staff, and Lions Clubs. MHSP can now screen at multiple different locations in the same day thanks to increased regional staff throughout the state and an inventory of 34 SPOT photo screening devices.

When children are struggling with academics a child may act out. They don’t know why they can’t see and they don’t know why they can’t get the answer. The goal of the Mobile Health Screening Program is to detect sight and hearing problems before they become serious.

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