Construction begins on Lommen Bridge

Tillamook County Public Works in conjunction with the Oregon Department of Transportation (ODOT) has contracted with Farline Bridge Inc. to construct the new bridge over the Nehalem River at milepost 11.6 on Miami-Foley Road.


Tillamook County was successful in obtaining Federal Highway funds through ODOT in 2013 to replace the Lommen Bridge. The replacement of the Lommen Bridge is needed due to scour of the footings which has caused structural cracks at the bents.
This new bridge is the biggest local agency (County or City) bridge to be constructed in Oregon with a bid of about $8.4 million. Federal Highways is paying almost 90% of this new bridge with a match by the County of 10%. This new bridge has been designed with a base isolation system to prevent significant damage during the Cascadia earthquake.
Farline has started the preliminary stages of the project. This work includes brushing and grubbing the vegetation around the project site, constructing the new road alignment and a temporary bypass road, and prepping the site for the drill cranes that will drill the support shafts.
Due to size of the project, the environmental regulations and the “in water work window” (IWWW), which runs from July 1 to September 15, this project is scheduled to last into the fall of 2017. To meet the IWWW requirements, the project will be done in two stages, the first stage is constructing the new bridge during the first IWWW; the second stage is deconstructing the old bridge during the next IWWW.
The existing bridge will remain as a bypass while the new bridge is being built. Two lanes will be open for most of the project with flaggers and traffic control present at several places throughout the project, at some point later in the project the traffic pattern will shift to one lane which will be controlled by lighting devices or flaggers.
Notification of any changes to the traffic patterns, as the project progresses, will be made prior to the changes being made.
If you have any other questions regarding this bridge replacement project, please call Lianne Welch, Tillamook County Public Works at 503-842-3419.

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