September named Preparedness Month

Survey to analyze local readiness

The Emergency Volunteer Corps has proclaimed September as Nehalem Bay Preparedness Month and will be conducting a survey to increase awareness and determine readiness among local residents and households.
Corps members will make the survey available in a variety of locations and forums throughout the month, including city council and community group meetings, churches services, door-to-door visits, and online.
“In any year, the Nehalem Bay area is subject to a variety of local disasters, such as winter storms, power outages, flooding, landslides, home or wildfires, earthquakes and tsunamis,” said EVC president Linda Kozlowski. “In any emergency, individuals, families, neighborhoods, and businesses need to be self-sufficient and resilient.”
“The community-wide survey will measure how prepared we are, and provide data to focus our limited resources on education, training and other assistance,” added Kozlowski. “Just by taking the survey, people will learn how to improve their own plans.”
According to a 2014 national study conducted by FEMA, many Americans are unprepared for disasters, despite weather-related disasters in recent years that have devastated communities. The survey also found that half of all Americans have not discussed or developed an emergency plan for family members on where to go and what to do in the event of a local incident.
“Our community will only be fully prepared when each household and neighborhood is prepared, we have trained volunteers ready to respond, and we have drilled and practiced to verify our preparedness,” said Kozlowski.  “Building a resilient Nehalem Bay/North County requires the involvement of the whole community working together.”
More information about Nehalem Bay Preparedness Month, the local survey, and ways to become better prepared for local emergencies is available at the EVC website –, and on Facebook at evcnb.

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