Rockaway Beach mayor rescinds resignation

It was a decision that Joanne Aagaard made before the Labor Day weekend.


By Brad Mosher

[email protected]

Just before the city council meeting Wednesday, she announced that she had changed her mind about resigning. That allowed her take over the gavel for the September meeting.

She had announced her resignation as the mayor of Rockaway Beach shortly after the August city council meeting that became a noisy battle over public comments and the question of sale of recreational marijuana in the community.

In a statement emailed to the Headlight Herald two days after the meeting, Aagaard announced that she was going to resign her post, citing derogatory comments being made about her and her family.

It wasn’t until Friday that she decided not to resign, citing the response she had from other members of the council and for people working at the city.

She announced the decision publicly just before the council meeting Wednesday. “I opened the meeting up at six o’clock and said I was going to make a statement.

“I just had a lot of support from the staff, council and the community. So I decided to come back. Everyone’s happy. Some of them said they were going to drag me here,” she said, smiling. “I had gotten telephone calls and I had gotten some emails.”

It was those emails and calls that set the stage for her decision to take back the gavel.

Before the meeting, Aagaard said … “Before I open the council meeting I would like to say a few words. As all of you know three weeks ago I sent a letter to the City of Rockaway Beach and the council resigning as mayor.

“The past week I have, after much conversation with council members, city staff and members of the community, have determined I have much more support than I thought I had. Therefore, I have made the decision to rescind my resignation. I would like to thank all of those that supported me…”

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