Manzanita withdraws ordinance on limited marijuana sales

The City of Manzanita has decided not to proceed with consideration of an Ordinance which would have prohibited limited sales of recreational marijuana by medical marijuana dispensaries as of October 1, 2015 as allowed by SB 460.


City Manager Jerry Taylor reports that the matter will not be placed on any future agenda for consideration of final adoption by the Council. At its August 5th meeting, the Council conducted the first reading of the Ordinance prohibiting limited recreational marijuana sales and discussed possibly referring it to Manzanita voters.

Since the meeting, Council members have expressed concern that a separate vote on the limited recreational sales issue would create confusion among Manzanita voters. SB 460 adopted the limited sales program as a temporary measure because OLCC will not have the permanent recreational marijuana licensing system in place until late 2016. The limited marijuana sales program sunsets on December 31, 2016.

The Council has already adopted an Ordinance under HB 3400 which would impose a broader ban on all medical and recreational marijuana sales and processing businesses within the City if Manzanita voters approve the Ordinance at the November, 2016 election. Although Council members were interested in having an earlier vote, the election date was specified in HB 3400. By adopting such an Ordinance, the City Council is giving Manzanita voters the opportunity of deciding whether allowing the sale and processing of marijuana products within the City is acceptable.

Manzanita has one medical marijuana dispensary that is grandfathered by state statute and will be allowed to continue as a medical marijuana dispensary regardless of the November, 2016 election results.