Loss of Kay

I’m so deeply shocked and saddened to hear about our loss of Kay Covert. It has thrown me into a tailspin. What a tremendous loss to our community as well and everyone that knows her.

 Janice and I love and revere Kay. She’s a leader, mentor, trusted confidant and friend. A shining example of the definition of a great person and a quiet leader. She has shown us the way to be and act with perspective and humor! My heart goes out to Walt, Max and all that were close to her. There is a huge void in this community with her passing. I can think of more than one occasion where I came to Kay with a burden on my shoulders and left her feeling just fine. She had a great ability to help reboot with, again, perspective and humor. You knew you could count on her for that! We love you Kay. We’ll be thinking about you a lot as we proceed with our lives.

All the best,

Mike Ehlen

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