Fishing Report & Tidal Charts

KILCHIS RIVER: cutthroat

Cutthroat fishing should be fair. Sea-run cutthroat should be available in good numbers in tidewater areas and are moving to upstream areas. Water levels are extremely low and clear so use very light gear. The 2 p.m. angling closure applies to all fishing above tidewater.

NEHALEM RIVER: Chinook, cutthroat, coho

Fishing for Chinook is fair to good. An occasional hatchery coho is caught also. Water temperatures are warm, so incoming tides may produce the best bites as cooler ocean water pushes in. Fish are available in the lower bay up to Nehalem, with increasing numbers of fish moving to upper tidewater areas. Troll herring or spinners near the bottom, or bobber fish in upper tidewater.

Sea-run cutthroat can be caught throughout the bay and tidewater areas, and further upstream. Troll or cast small lures or flies along the channel margins or in areas of cover, such as logs.

NESTUCCA RIVER AND THREE RIVERS: steelhead, Chinook, cutthroat

Steelhead fishing is slow. Fishing for cutthroat trout should be fair to good. Fishing for spring Chinook closed July 31 above Cloverdale, and Three Rivers is closed to all fishing downstream of the hatchery. All areas above tidewater are closed to angling after 2 p.m. daily.

TILLAMOOK BAY: Chinook, coho

Fall Chinook season began Aug. 1. Fishing for Chinook and hatchery coho is slowly improving as a few fish enter the bay. Trolling herring or spinners are the two most popular techniques. Casting spinners can be productive at times in some of the mid-bay channels.

TRASK RIVER: steelhead, Chinook, cutthroat

Spring Chinook fishing closed July 31. An occasional summer steelhead is being caught. Fishing for cutthroat trout is fair to good. The hatchery hole area is closed to all fishing through Oct. 15. The river above tidewater is closed to angling after 2 p.m. daily.

Anglers who catch a steelhead or salmon with numbered tag(s) are encouraged to report catch information via the internet or by calling ODFW at 503-842-2741 and asking for Derek Wiley. All live tagged fish that are not legal to retain or are voluntarily not kept should be released quickly and unharmed with tags intact.

WILSON RIVER: steelhead, Chinook, cutthroat

Summer steelhead fishing is slow. Fishing for cutthroat trout should be fair. Use lighter gear for best results as the water is extremely low and clear. Spring Chinook fishing closed July 31.



09/03     Thu     04:56 AM     7.32 H

09/03     Thu     10:35 AM     1.07 L

09/03     Thu     05:09 PM     8.54 H

09/03     Thu     11:27 PM     -0.03 L

09/04     Fri     05:56 AM     6.7 H

09/04     Fri     11:28 AM     1.89 L

09/04     Fri     06:00 PM     8.23 H

09/05     Sat     12:30 AM     0.27 L

09/05     Sat     07:03 AM     6.21 H

09/05     Sat     12:28 PM     2.58 L

09/05     Sat     06:58 PM     7.89 H

09/06     Sun     01:37 AM     0.49 L

09/06     Sun     08:19 AM     5.97 H

09/06     Sun     01:38 PM     3.02 L

09/06     Sun     08:02 PM     7.62 H

09/07     Mon     02:46 AM     0.56 L

09/07     Mon     09:38 AM     6.05 H

09/07     Mon     02:51 PM     3.11 L

09/07     Mon     09:09 PM     7.51 H

09/08     Tue     03:50 AM     0.48 L

09/08     Tue     10:45 AM     6.34 H

09/08     Tue     03:58 PM     2.89 L

09/08     Tue     10:12 PM     7.54 H

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