County marijuana laws to be on general election ballot

A three percent County tax on recreational marijuana sales may be left up to the voters.

By Chelsea Yarnell
[email protected]
Currently, the County has a moratorium on recreational marijuana, which expires Jan. 31, 2016.
The Board of Commissioners and Planning Department is working on an ordinance that would replace the moratorium.
“I’d really like to see that three percent put toward social services,” Commissioner Bill Baertlein said. “I think we go for it and put it to the people for the three percent vote.” Baertlein
Growing zones may also be left up to the voters.
“Growing is allowed in exclusive farm use zones,” Pool said.
In order to prohibit growing in exclusive farmlands, that would be left up to the voters.
As it sits right now, potential growers, with a license, would be able to grow in an empty lot located in a residential zone.
Voters will potentially see both issues on the general election ballot in November.

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