TAC seeks legal advice for TLT grants

The Tillamook Coast Tourism Advisory Committee was unable to form a recommendation after meeting for presentations from the 13 approved applications for the Phase One Tourism Facilities Grants.

By Chelsea Yarnell
[email protected]
“In the process of reviewing the applications, the committee would like to review with legal counsel,” the Committee stated. “[We] will reconvene as soon as possible.”
The TAC met on Aug. 11 and heard 10-minute presentations and five-minute question-and-answer sessions by the 13 approved applications as part of the scoring and recommendation process.
Based on their evaluation, the TAC is to make a recommendation to the EDC Board who will then make a recommendation to the Tillamook Board of Commissioners about which projects should receive funds as a part of the Phase One Tourism Facilities Grant.

Project Summaries:

North County Recreation District
Auditorium Refurbishment/Seats
Requesting $70,000
The North County Recreation District hopes to finish their restoration of their auditorium.
“What we have not yet done is the seats,” said Steven Cangelosi, general manager of NCRD. “[They’re] ideal for kids, but not ideal for 21st century adults.
The amount requested is only 21 percent of the total project investment.
“Our City Council support(s) this application,” Manzanita City Manager Jerry Taylor told the Committee.

Tillamook County
Tillamook County Pioneer Museum Kilchis Point Reserve Restroom
Requesting $80,000

The Tillamook County Pioneer Museum would like to add a restroom at Kilchis Point Reserve.
“We’re in the interest of making it look like we’re there for a long time,” Tillamook County Pioneer Museum Director Gary Albright said, adding that they would like the restroom to be high quality.
The proposed restroom would be near the parking lot near at trailhead.
“We’re making the west side of Bay City look more prosperous than it was,” Albright said.

Port of Garibaldi
Visitor Information Booth
Requesting $49,828

The Port of Garibaldi hopes to build a visitor center near the life jacket loaner station in Garibaldi.
“We’re starting to see more and more families looking for information,” Port of Garibaldi Manager Mike Saindon said. “We’re looking for a single spot to have local and regional merchants place their brochures there.”

City of Tillamook
Latimer Quilt and Textile Center Building Repair
Requesting $35,000

After 25 years in operation, the Latimer Quilt and Textile Center is in need of repairs to their building that was at one time a two-room schoolhouse.
Over the last five years, just over 3,000 people from out of state and out of the country alone visited the center.
A draw to the center is said to be for people looking for one-of-a-kind merchandise that can’t be found at home.

Tillamook County
Cape Kiwanda Master Plan
Requesting $95,000

Cape Kiwanda hosts roughly two millions visitors each year.
“Mass amounts of people ties up the town,” Pacific City/Woods Citizen Advisory Committee Chair Sean Carlton said. “The Master Plan would take a look at the rough area of Cape Kiwanda…come up with an overall strategy to make the balance between the tourists and residents a little bit livable.”
Building of infrastructure is not included in this grant request.

Port of Garibaldi
Garibaldi Community Space Renovation
Requesting $60,000

Grant money has been requested to renovate the Garibaldi Community Space to make it more architecturally appeasing.
“We believe this project will increase the tourist usability in our city,” Garibaldi City Manager John O’Leary said.
Currently the Garibaldi Community Space hosts 30-40 events a year.
“We know it’s underutilized,” O’Leary said.

City of Manzanita
Completion of Visitor Center
Requesting $20,800

After completing the new visitor center in Manzanita in 2013, some amenities were left incomplete because of the lack of funds.
The grant request would provide an outdoor drinking fountain, back patio, improved bike parking area and a storage shed for beach accessible wheelchairs.
“We have found the visitor center increased the perception of visitor service,” Manzanita City Manager Jerry Taylor said, adding that a restroom near the beach has been huge draw for visitors.
“We know this is attracting tourism…these are services people want,” Taylor said.

Port of Garibaldi
Pier’s End-Tillamook Bay Heritage/Discover Center-Feasibility
Requesting $57,000

The 1930 Coast Guard Boat House in Garibaldi claims to be one of the most photographed images on the Oregon Coast.
Because of its dramatic presentation out on the water, a heritage/discover center was proposed as a perfect asset to the Coast.

City of Tillamook
Bay City Arts Center-Hoquarton Historical Interpretive Center
Requesting $19,500

Hoquarton, or “a landing,” is what the Bay City Arts Center hopes to create with their Hoquarton Historical Interpretive Center.
The requested money would help to create a parking lot for the center that could also act as additional public parking for downtown Tillamook.

Nestucca Fire and Rescue
Cape Kiwanda Beach Access Improvement
Requesting $195,000

In order to expand the Cape Kiwanda Beach Access to two lanes, $195,000 of Transient Lodging Tax money has been requested.
“The main reason the fire department is interested in this is it’s a huge issue for us dealing with the safety on the people on the beach,” Nestucca Fire and Rescue Chief Kris Weiland said. “I’ve had to close the beach access…they look at you and say, ‘I’m not ever coming back again.’ We don’t want that. What we want is them to have a positive experience.”
“This is a strongly supported project by the Pacific City Community,” said Jeff Schons of Nestucca Ridge Family of Companies. “I think of it as the introduction to Tillamook County for many visitors. Congestion [in] that spot has caused a lot of frustration and anxiety.”

City of Rockaway Beach
Feasibility and design study for old growth nature preserve
Requesting $28,400

Walking trails to an old growth cedar, wetland in Rockaway Beach would really be an asset and a draw to the area according to Public Works Director Luke Shepard.
The project is shovel ready, and the proposed project area is one of the oldest, untouched cedar wetlands in the state.

City of Tillamook
Tillamook Association Performing Arts-ADA bathroom for ‘The Barn’ Playhouse
Requesting $29,800

Currently, the only ADA bathroom on site is a portable toilet located in front of the Playhouse.
Proposed plans would remodel the building to include two, larger restrooms that are ADA compliant.
During this last year’s performances at the “The Barn” Playhouse, 24 percent of attendees were from out of the area.

Tillamook County
Tillamook County Fairgrounds website upgrade and convention center sewer project
Requesting $77,580

Fair Board President Rita Hogan said that the repairs have already been made to the sewer system at the Fairgrounds, but the Fair Board is requesting grant money as a reimbursement for the repair costs.
Thirty percent of total funds from the Transient Lodging Tax goes to the road department, the remaining 70 percent is dedicated to tourism.

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