Sammy’s Place hosts Buddy Walk at the Beach

Sammy’s Place is happy to announce that Buddy Walk® at the Beach 2015 is just around the corner, and this year we’re partnering with CrowdRise for all of our registration and fundraising needs to make it easy and fun. We’re super excited to have you be a part of this kick-off to raise funds for a down-payment for Sammy’s Place –a North Coast living, working and respite community in the making for people with special needs.   Sammy’s Place will be a place where everyone can learn, grow and thrive surrounded by the natural beauty of the North Coast of Oregon.
Join us for Buddy Walk® at the Beach 2015 on Saturday, September 19 and celebrate the lives of people with special needs. Fundraising is optional, but you won’t want to miss out on your chance to win amazing prizes, like a $1000 Visa gift card for the person/team who raises the most money.  And there will be other great prizes along the way to inspire you to help our cause!
To register for the event, go HERE and click “Join the Event.” Follow the steps to register, and if you want to fundraise and help make the dream come true, a page will automatically be created for you. Customize your page with info, photos and even a video, then share that page with everyone you know to get started.
While most of us were excited when we approached high school graduation and looked forward to the future as full of possibility, young people with disabilities “age out of the system” and suddenly find themselves without the support, programming and services they received during their school years.  Sammy’s Place will provide opportunities for people with special needs to continue to learn, grow and thrive long after high school and throughout their adult lives.  Imagine a safe, nurturing family-like environment with lush gardens, walking paths, farm-fresh produce, a communal lodge and cabins for those who come to live and work at Sammy’s Place.  Be part of this unique community as it unfolds and help us make this vision a reality.
If you have any questions in the world, feel free to reach out to Sammy’s Place or the helpful humans at CrowdRise at [email protected] or [email protected]

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