Enjoying life

Much of our time seems to be dedicated to a very necessary part of being alive.

By Walt Trandum

That would be eating! One of the first things we do in the morning and the last towards bed time. Breakfast, lunch and dinner have always been the center of home life and are generally pretty regular, however, when we travel most meals are eaten at different places and the fare is mixed.
Along with the food and drink items, most of us take various medications and supplements that are designed to keep us living and in ever improving physical functions and avoidance of pain or disease. All of the above are the subjects of most of the advertising we are exposed to in various media outlets and all paint a picture of great joy and comfort.
Some of the medical advertising includes disclaimers that warn us of all kinds of pain and even death if our body doesn’t accept the miracle cure that is being sold. There are also ads that urge us to contact some law firm and add our names to those who are claiming they were damaged by using the drugs we see being advertised.
One of the disadvantages of advancing age is there is too much time available to think of nothing more than our good health or lack of the same. We are prime targets for all kinds of scams and pretty soon we get to the point where we just don’t trust anybody.
Good tasting food is something that we look forward to each and every day. We develop habits and special craving for the really tasty stuff. I am thinking that maybe just stepping outside the box and mixing up the times that we enjoy certain good things would be interesting. How about skipping the regular lunch time sandwich and treating yourself to an ice cream sundae with all kinds of fruits and whipping cream to enhance the taste. There is also the “I don’t care what others say, it is my body and I will treat it any way that want.
Once in awhile we mix things up at our house and we have pancakes or French toast or even waffles for dinner along with some bacon or sausage.
There are a great many precooked foods available that make preparing a meal pretty easy. One of the best buys is the $5.00 roasted chickens that you find at Costco and some other stores. With there being just two of us, we can have two or maybe three meals off that single chicken and some other kinds of trimmings. If you are really thrifty, you can use the bones to make some good soup. The other side of using left over foods is the annual Thanksgiving turkey problem that happens when the holiday crowd fails to eat their share. One year I even made up some TV dinner plates with everything but the cranberries frozen for instant dinners in the future.
With nothing else to worry about other than changing your routine now and then, how about a bowl of soup for breakfast and a big piece of apple pie with ice cream for lunch?  Strawberry waffles for dinner makes a great meal and don’t spare the whipped cream for it is mostly air and there are not many calories involved.
Like most people, we have accumulated several shelves of cook books and card files with recipes from way back in our lives. Most of those things take a lot of different ingredients that we either don’t have in our cupboard or if we do, they could be many years old and of questionable value. I think maybe the precooked things we find in stores are probably even more tasty than many of those creations we used to put together.
Eat, sleep and be merry, for tomorrow you will die! It is an old cliché that still rings true. If you are advanced in life with only the eating habits you are experiencing occupying your mind, you are having a really good trip!