Letter to Editor:

Wednesday night, June 17 there was a foot-tapping musical event at the North County Recreation District (NCRD), organized by new theater director Sierra Gjerde.

There were three wonderful groups of enthusiastic musicians. First were our local Tsunami Drummers, and they were ON!  Led by Ginger Edwards of R’Evolution Gardens, they drummed 5 or 6 different rhythms, a couple of which were call and enthusiastic response from the audience.  We also were told the stories behind each of these mostly West African drum rhythms.  Audience members were inspired to dance.

Second was the Black Sheep Brass Band from Sonoma County, California, comprised of baritone saxophone, tenor saxophone, cornet, sousaphone, snare drum/cymbal, bass drum, and trombone.  An eclectic repertoire of jazz, funk and pop standards and a few originals.  They were boisterous, energetic and got even more folks out of their seats onto the “dance floor” down by the stage.

Third was Sambamore, from Arcata, California, a musical troupe of 14 musicians—saxophones, trumpets, trombones, percussionists—and 5 dancers!  This music was a lot of fun—high energy, visually dazzling, spirited performance.

These visiting musicians were all on their way together to a large musical festival in Seattle and stopped by (via communication with NCRD theater director Sierra Gjerde) to entertain us here in Nehalem.  NCRD hosted them overnight in the gymnasium.

Lucky us who noticed the publicity and attended this it-makes-you-wanna-dance event.  I know that there had to be at least twice as many more folks in our community who would have loved this evening’s very entertaining event.  There were old folks and young folks ages 7 to 70+ dancing up a storm!

Thank you, NCRD, for a fun, upbeat evening.

Lucy Brook

Nehalem resident

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