Vending D’Vieners in Rockaway

With direct inspiration from the Jersey Shore D’Viener Vender is onsite after its second season offering quality street-style hot dogs to locals and visitors to the Rockaway Beach area.

By Brian Cameron
“After my mother passed away she left me with a little to get something started,” said Diane Clancy, D’Viener Vender owner. “I felt that a hot dog stand that reminded me of the ones she and I used to visit when I was a girl in New Jersey would be a fitting thing to do.”
According to Clancy it was always a dream of hers to open something up but had never settled on exactly what, when the opportunity arose for her actually to do it she decided a hot dog stand similar to the kind she used to visit with her mother years prior along the Jersey shore would be a fitting homage to her spirit.
In the business’ second season of operation D’Viener Vender provides Rockaway Beach residents an authentic beachside hot dog, and the options for toppings are as varied as ever with location-themed dogs like the “Rockaway, Chicago, Denver, Texas or the Seattle,” or you can choose to make your own with a wide assortment of ingredients, everything you may imagine that could conceivably be put on a hotdog.
Besides just dogs D’Viener Vender also specializes in Jersey Pork Roll Sandwiches with grilled onions, cheddar cheese, brown mustard, barbecue sauce and grilled pork roll on a hoagie bun. They also have a breakfast sandwich, Frito Pie and Ice Cream as well.
After moving from where she grew up in New Jersey to Chicago, and then from there to Denver, Clancy had a friend in Rockaway and she decided to move on a whim to see what would happen, so four years ago Clancy made her way initially to Wheeler but now lives in the Rockaway Beach area.
Armed with one consistent employee and a summer-seasonal delivery service D’Viener Vender is quickly becoming a staying cart on the fast food scene of Rockaway Beach.
“Every season I’m intending to add something to help grow the business,” said Clancy. “We’re trying to use more local ingredients, hoping to smooth out a more consistent delivery process, and perhaps even try to offer food in the off-season but we’ll see how that pans out.”

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