Old Graffiti recovered in school refit

While crews worked to remove the old projection booth at the Nehalem Elementary School they were privy to a sight not seen for decades.

By Brian Cameron
“I didn’t recognize most of the names, except for a grandfather of a current student,” said Kathy Kamerer, NES Librarian. “Fortunately, or unfortunately,
for those who climbed up the bookshelves
in their youth, got into the projection booth and wrote on the door and walls, the fascinating
evidence of their youthful indiscretion is gone.”
Kamerer is referring to a lead-paneled door that refit crews recently removed from the old projection booth that was littered with graffiti from many past eras within the old school building.
Reportedly the crew also found more names written on the walls of the booth itself but they were forced to remove them as part of the task of seismically refitting the Elementary School’s gymnasium in order to meet modern safety standards for earthquake preparedness.
According to Kamerer one of the pieces of graffiti came with it a proverbial date of publication,
1948. One of the artifacts is dated exactly to 12:11 p.m. on Jan. 4, 1959 which was left by former students ‘Pep and Swede.’
“I saw the lead paneled
door in the parking lot before it was taken away,” said Kamerer. “There were a number of names all over it as well as other writings depicting
years and years of use.”
The seismic refit is nearing completion and will enable the main building at the Nehalem Elementary School to better withstand a large earthquake and act as a resource for disaster coordinators.

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