Ninepoints to offer workshop at Pine Grove Community House on improving communication skill and understanding for work teams, spouses and individuals

Self Understanding Through the Enneagram is a 3-hour workshop to learn the core concepts of the personality typography known as the Enneagram. The event is taking place from 2PM to 5PM at the Pine Grove Community House, 225 Laneda Ave, Manzanita, Oregon 97130. The cost is $75 and seating is limited.

The Enneagram is a system of personal development and understanding involving how we are motivated to think, feel and act in patterns that inform our lives. It is used worldwide in business, therapy, education, and personal development.

Communication is a 2-way street between speaker and listener and always exists and is interpreted in the context of our personality. Eighty percent or more of communication is not the words we use, but the patterns of our speech and the non-verbal ways we communicate. The Enneagram allows you to understand how communication styles develop, with both strengths and also unintended distortions in both the speaker and the listener’s experience. Even more, the Enneagram helps honor our communication strengths and minimizes our distortions in order to be understood and to understand others more accurately.

It is best learned in an oral tradition by listening and observing others. To that end, a three hour workshop, lead by Gary St. John, Enneagram Facilitator, provides participants with a basic knowledge of the working of the Enneagram system, the history of the Enneagram, the participants particular Enneagram Type, relationships to other types, and personal and reading resources to develop more knowledge on the subject. Using stories, small group interaction, and handouts participants leave with a wealth of knowledge and resources to use in their personal and working lives.

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Workshop title: Self Understanding Through The Enneagram

When: Sunday Oct. 1, 2 to 5 PM

Where: Pine Grove Community House, 225 Laneda Ave, Manzanita, Oregon 97130

Register: E-mail Seating limited to 15 individuals.

Cost: $75, which includes the text: The Enneagram In Love and Work by Helen Palmer.

Facilitator: Gary St. John, of, is now living in Manzanita Oregon and has recently been teaching and coaching in businesses in Melbourne Australia. He leads a variety of workshops in Enneagram Principals and does typing and coaching for private individuals.

Using the Enneagram since 2010, he is a Certified Enneagram Instructor having studied with Jerome Wagner, PhD from Loyola University and Ginger Lapid Bogda PhD, from the Enneagram in Business. He has also studied with Enneagram pioneer and author Helen Palmer and Dale Rhodes of Enneagram Portland.

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