The LNCT, myriad projects on Nehalem Bay’s horizon

The local conservation based non-profit organization the Lower Nehalem Community Trust (LNCT) is set to acquire a total of seven properties to their repertoire, making expansive efforts of natural conservation on the banks of Nehalem Bay.

By Brian Cameron
“We still have some major fundraising to do before we are fully funded for ownership and stewardship of the last three properties of our campaign,” said Nancy Chase, LNCT Board Member. “Namely Bott’s Marsh, Zimmerman Marsh near Wheeler and Nedonna Marsh near Rockaway Beach.”
With a focus on ecological conservation the LNCT aims to purchase a total of seven properties to add to their land portfolio with hopes of keeping the properties, which are home to a wide variety of sensitive flora and fauna, free of any sort of development as we move into the future.
“As of this date we are now owners of four out of the seven desired properties; the Anderson House as well as 2.3 acres, a separate 5 acre plat on Tohl Road will be added to LNCT’s Alder Creek Farm, Bay frontage adjacent to the Cedar Creek property and Fork Island on the Nehalem River,” said Chase. “However we still need to raise approximately $225,000 to secure the other three properties and funds to steward all of them in perpetuity.”
Coming at a hefty price tag of $1.3 million the seven separate properties are essentially marshes and wetlands that feed into Nehalem Bay. The organization hopes to complete the purchases within a year but there are a number of factors still stalling the process.
“We want the acquisitions to be finalized within 18 to 24 months from the beginning of the Bott’s Marsh campaign all the way through to the areas around the Alder Creek Farm and other properties,” said LNCT Board President Allan Olson. “Its all very important property to free up from potential development in order to protect vulnerable species.”
In order to facilitate much of this acquisition process, but also fundraising, donor retention and event coordination the LNCT has recently hired Kate Morrison as their new Executive Director [see North Coast Citizen Aug. 17]. Morrison has experience prior to being hired onboard with the LNCT doing the event organization for the annual Living Locally event they put on every year.
“My role here is to finish up this big land acquisition campaign,” said Morrison. “But in addition to that my overarching responsibility is to get the LNCT to a stronger position, this acquisition has taxed our capability and efforts, but I see it as we only have upward to move from here.”

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