Manzanita’s Mudd Dogs

In its 14th year of service to lower Laneda Avenue Manzanita Mudd Dogs serves up more than the average summer hot dogs, these sales go into the future youth of North Tillamook County.

By Brian Cameron
“We keep it simple here,” said Jim Mudd, purveyor of quality hotdogs and founder of the Mudd Nick Foundation. “By simply offering the best hot dogs in the world.”
Created to be the public-access for the local non-profit The Mudd Nick Foundation, Manzanita Mudd Dogs not only provide thousands of dollars of summer revenue for the youth-opportunity based organization but also allows a visible connection from the non-profit to a viable and active community and customer base.
“Well, we had a hot dog stand with the organization and we thought to ourselves, can this be a center for the Mudd Nick Foundation?” said Mudd, who took the time away from serving up fresh frankfurters to talk with the North Coast Citizen.
The Mudd Nick Foundation provides opportunities in the way of scholarships and services for young school age children who may need the extra financial push to succeed in early education.
“The Mudd Nick Foundation has a lot of passion for kids,” said Mudd. “All the kids we interface with, here at the hot dog stand or during our sponsored classes and events, we endeavor to make an impact in their lives, to provide every kid with what they need and the opportunities they enjoy to help them become well educated in our society.”
Manzanita Mudd Dogs is open daily from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. throughout the summer season in Manzanita, located at the lower end of Laneda Avenue.
“Our menu is about as simple as it gets, just some of the finest Vienna Beef, Chicago style hot dogs you’ll ever have, some chips and a soda pop,” said Mudd. “You’ll be in for a good day and happy you’ll have supported area schools and education in the process.”

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