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A soggy day on a weekend and I feel bad for all those working people who have only a couple days off. For us old folks it is time to sit back and remember when we braved the elements to go fishing or hunting or maybe to  the big grocery store, no matter what the weather might be. I know I have a raincoat but can not tell you where it is hiding Maybe I have developed the feature that all the birds have when they continue to eat when it is pouring rain and it runs right off them.

The Old Geezer
By Walt Trandum

So with a day to just sit and think about the terrible things that are happening all over the world and how little any of us can do about them. I am going to take some time to document some things that happened when I was growing up many years ago.
Seeing all the kids walking around looking at some device either playing games of maybe talking to a friend. They are in touch with their friends all over the world . It makes me remember that the only way I could talk to a friend was to walk to his house and knock on the back door. His mother would come to the door and tell me that he would be out in a few minutes and then closed the door. I could just sit there and wait or maybe throw rocks at covey of quail that had just flew in across the street in an empty lot. Never did hit one.
My buddy was kind of slow and when he finally did come out, we had to think about what we could do. There was a new girl that had just moved into the neighborhood and we get her to come out so we could tease her and hear her really neat laugh. Finally decided we might wait and find out how strict her parents were before we got involved with her.
We didn’t have bikes so had to walk every where. Sometimes we would just talk about neat it was going to be when we did get one. There was some really good woods just a couple blocks away and we built a fort out of branches and other junk we found. If we just found a real board we could have a shelf or a table   Some day we could get our hands on some matches we would have a little fire and cook our lunch or dinner. We knew a big fire would be terrible. One day we went down there and somebody had just torn our camp to pieces. We decided we could build a tree house that they couldn’t see, but that never happened.
My buddy and I had baseball mitts and we would play catch and talk and talk about getting in the big league. My mitt was one that my dad used when he pitched for more than 30 years. It wasn’t as fancy as the ones all he other kids had.. A funny thing is that it is now a very valued antique. I was usually the catcher and we were not very good but we would call each other by the name of our favorite player on the Seattle Rainier’s. We would listen to those games every night on the radio and once in a while we got  see one at the stadium .
I am sure kids today know a lot more about the world than we did and I suppose that is good, but I think they have been robbed of discovering things the hard way. Research and hard work went into our school papers and they had to be perfect before they were accepted. That kind of work was what produced the people who helped us win wars and preserve peace every where it is possible.
While writing this paper the sun came out and things look even more beautiful than normal. Those of us living here are indeed fortunate.

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