Cameron’s Corner: A scary scenario

The time is 2:43 p.m., you’re sitting in your office going over the daily grind when the earth begins to rumble under your feet.  Your heart skips a beat as something inside your internal accelerometer begins to realize what is happening.  The sway of the quake catches your equilibrium off guard as you glance up to see windows waxing and waning in their sills.  Bricks crumble from your chimney and you hear them clunk over the roof shingles as they fall to the ground below and you hear the beams in the structure buckle and break under the wobbling pressure.  A list starts to tally off in your mind as you race toward a doorframe, or a bathtub, or the door.  Where are your kids, your pets, your partner?
The shaking lasts longer than you expect, 30 seconds tick by, then 45…. A minute.  The quake continues and you realize something about this one is different.  Bridges crumble under the stress and come crashing down in the riverbeds below, underground piping snaps sending geysers of effluent to the surface and for some reason you can’t get any service on your mobile device.
What’s the plan?  Where is your supply bag?  This wasn’t supposed to happen when your kids were at daycare and you are at work, this was supposed to happen when you all were home and in one manageable place.  You trained for this once or twice but you never considered the true facts on the ground in the event, that you may be in the middle of living your life when disaster strikes.
You look at the beach not far away, its wide, wider than you’ve ever seen.  Its as if you could walk a quarter mile out to the waves, which seemed to be receding.  Far off in the distance you see the frothy white churn of a wave, still edging the horizon and the overbearing whine of the siren begins to echo over town.  The shear reality of what’s happening kicks in and you frantically grab what you can.
Its about preparedness, its about being ready for any contingency.  Do you know your daycare or children’s school’s plan for a catastrophic earthquake?  How about a tsunami?  What’s your plan at work, are you in the field or the office?  This is to act as a reminder to all my readers that sometimes you can plan for something until you’re blue in the face, but circumstances may dictate an unplanned outcome.

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