One pot pie will do the job!

We are rapidly approaching the eating part of the year.

The Old Geezer
Walt Trandum

Time to prepare feasts for friends and relatives as we celebrate the holiday season. A time for old timers to reflect on the past and for the young folks to be working on developing their own traditions. My wife and I have the distinction of being the only survivors of our birth families. Some of our cousins and a few friends are still around but we don’t see them any more. All those memories are for us alone and it is best to think how nice things were and the good people we were surrounded by at every affair.
We raised five kids and when the seven of us sat down to eat it was pretty well organized. Every meal was about the same as what most people prepare for a holiday. Not sure I can remember how we ever afforded all that food. My wife was clever and frugal and so we never went hungry and there were darn few leftovers. I was the barbecue captain and having one on the back porch was pretty handy. Fourteen pork chops could be cooked in a hurry or maybe a pork roast properly seasoned and cooked slow for most of the day on that magic machine. Lots of pasta and there was always some kind of salad. Maybe just a peach on a piece of lettuce with a dab of mayonnaise would make it all look and taste good.
As the kids left we had to pare back our amounts but there was always a meal on the table at dinner time. We didn’t have anything like Costco, there were some ready made things on the store shelves. Not sure but we probably have thirty or more cook books that we have accumulated over the past 66 years. Once in awhile I do get one out and read about how to fix something different. We sure don’t have all the spices and sauces that are called for, but it does give you and idea of what might taste good using what you have on hand. Fixed a wonderful stew the other night and the secret ingredient was a can of Mexican spiced tomatoes that gave it a great taste and zest that some dishes seem to lack.
So now we are down to fixing meals for just the two of us most of the time. Mom doesn’t eat much any more and even I have cut back on the amounts that I consume. Splitting a sandwich at noon with maybe a hand full of grapes or other fruit seems to suffice. You can buy frozen meals at the store for a buck a piece and with just a couple little additions they will feed both of us. I had a bunch of those little meals in my cart at Fred’s the other day when a woman came up to me and told me that I was a very smart shopper! I don’t think she was being sarcastic. For years we have been buying chicken pot pies that can be cooked in the micro wave. I add a baked yam and some cranberries that makes a mini chicken dinner .
Something that brings a bit of sadness every day at meal time is when we have to help my sweetheart eat and she just isn’t hungry. As she struggles I look across the table and think about that beautiful smiling face that I have enjoyed all these years. I think she had as much fun as I did and I will always be thankful for the help she is now getting from our wonderful children and friends. Once in a while I tell a joke of some kind that tickles her and she flashes that smile. We are being joined by a couple of our children this year for thanksgiving dinner and I get to prepare a turkey with my own secret recipe. I also make darn good gravy! It will be fun as we talk about the old days and how fortunate we have been.
Most days we can just split a chicken pot pie and that will keep us going. We’ll just keep hanging in there and wish everyone the

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