Rising Tide Productions bringing new theater options to area

With a board in place, their first production booked and Professional Actor and Director George Dzundza leading the helm, Rising Tide Productions (RTP), the area’s newest theater production company, is ready for new and exciting projects.

By Joe Warren

“The purpose is to give our northwest communities a place to work on projects that are not normally done in community theater,” Dzundza said. “We are a place for those who want to work on difficult or complex projects — if someone has something they want to do, they can bring it to the board.”
It’s exactly that type of project that the company took on to be its inaugural production in ‘I Am My Own Wife,’ coming in August and staring RTP board member and local actor, Mark Johnson.

Professional Actor and Director, George Dzundza RTP board president (left) and local actor Mark Johnson who is a member at large with the new theater company (right), will star in 'I Am My Own Wife,' the company's first production.
Professional Actor and Director, George Dzundza RTP board president (left) and local actor Mark Johnson who is a member at large with the new theater company (right), will star in ‘I Am My Own Wife,’ the company’s first production.

“We have been working on this play, in a limited way, since last September,” Dzundza said. “We’re (RTP) able to take on projects that take more time.”
Dzundza explained how his new theater company is different from others in the community.
“TAPA is generally full in terms of their yearly schedule,” he said. “We can take on less and more difficult projects because our schedule has the luxury of time.”
Like the current production in which Johnson play multiple roles. “It’s extremely complex due to the many characters he plays,” Dzundza said. “We’re establishing an entity so people in the community can have access to more demanding work.”
Dzundza said the payoff is, being able to do deeper and more emotional performances to hopefully strike a reaction or thought in those who attend.
“Plays give us social reverence, they can give the community a better understanding of their morals — a look at their morality,” Dzundza said. “Hopefully the people performing can give the audience something profound in a personal way.” When this happens, Dzundza said, “It gets people having conversations.”
Dzundza said the company and board are looking at many different productions in the future, with the community in mind.
“One of the ways you help a community is you put controversial things on the table,” he said. “The determination of what we are, and we are a conglomerate of different people with different opinions, we need to respect and understand our differences.”
RTP will be showing I Am My Own Wife beginning in August as it’s first production in the North County Recreation District’s theater.

‘I Am My Own Wife’

Rising Tide Productions is pleased to present their first production as a company, Doug Wright’s masterpiece I Am My Own Wife, an amazing one-man production.
Based on true events, I Am My Own Wife, brings to life more than 30 characters in a stunning portrayal of Lothar Berfelde, who, against all odds, survives the Nazis and the East German Communist secret police. I Am My Own Wife is the first one-person show to ever win the Pulitzer Prize for Drama. Please be advised of adult content.
I Am My Own Wife will be staged at the North County Recreation District’s newly remodeled theater, located at 36155 9th Street, Nehalem, OR 97131. Performances are at 7 PM August 13, 19 & 20 and 2 PM August 14 & 21. Tickets available at the door for $15.

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