Fire Mountain School making a transition

Because of limited enrollment, for the first time in its 33 year history there won’t be a formal class for children of any age at the school this year.  However there is a committed group of people dedicated to keeping the vision of the school alive.

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At an annual meeting on Sunday, Oct 18, a group of 4 elders were elected to the board and along with the current board chair will be responsible for caretaking the 26 year old building, owned by the organization, and exploring ways to use the building during this hiatus.  Those joining Sarah Lippold are Lane deMoll, Liz Beckman, Vivi Tallman and Barbara McLaughlin.

At the same time a committee has been formed to design a program for preschool/elementary children for 2016-17.   The committee, comprised of parents who had hoped for a program this year, plans to expand to include other families and a preschool teacher from Portland who have expressed interest in helping, and they welcome other participants as well. If you’d like to be on this committee or would like more information please contact Jared at

To help cover current bills and future expenses for the upkeep of the building, the school is presently holding its annual holiday wreaths, garlands and poinsettia sale.  This has been a very successful fundraiser for many years, offering quality plants and various kinds of greenery, with complimentary delivery or pick up at the school in Falcon Cove between Cannon Beach and Manzanita. If you’d like to buy poinsettias or greens please send an email to or call 503-436-2610. Details about prices and what exactly is available will be posted on soon.

In keeping with natural cycles, we are allowing ourselves a fallow year, to regenerate the soil and grow a vigorous garden.

We thank the community for its support of Fire Mountain over the years and look forward to your continued support as we journey through this current transformation!


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